Infill Housing /Subdivisions

Own land but...
not sure if you can subdivide?

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At Epic Homes we can manage the whole process with Surveyors, Engineers, Architects and Councils, as well as the construction of your new dwelling.


From the design stage where we capture and refine your requirements, through to the onsite meetings, council liaison and finishing stages we keep you informed along the way through our Epic Live system, ensuring you have the aesthetic and outcome that you desired from inception.


If you already own a section or are considering purchasing one, we offer a free site appraisal to assess the pros and cons of the site.


We give advice on which type of build would suit the topography of the site and likely build costs to help you make an informed decision about the site and its suitability for your build, requirements and budget.

  • We will arrange to meet with you to present our price and the inclusions, and detailed product specification.
  • There may be things you want to remove or add to the specification that may alter the price. Once we have an agreement on the specifications, plans and pricing, we prepare contract documents.

Prior to commencing plans, we require some detailed information about your site to enable us to draw the house accurately for the section.

This information is either obtained through:

  • A            A topographical survey undertaken by a surveyor. This should be undertaken as part of your due diligence during purchasing the site and will inform you about any anomalies and easements you need to be aware of for that section when planning a home.  This allows the architect to accurately design the plan for the section, which means a more efficient build. It also allows us to price the earthworks and foundations accurately, essential when we are providing an accurate price. A topographical survey generally costs $1,800.00 – $2,000.00 plus GST, Or

    B            Sometimes on less complex sites the architect may be able to undertake height measurements sufficient for them to design from. Their charge for this service is typically $450 plus GST.

Costs for the topographical survey or height data are non-refundable as the work has been undertaken.


Once we have either the topographical survey or the heights data and we have discussed your wish-list, requirements and budget, we will be able to progress to floor plans.

The architect will design a floor plan to best utilise your section.

We will have a rough floor size we are working to based on your list of required inclusions and, most importantly, your budget.

Budget is very important, as we don’t want to design something that is not within budget. We will discuss your budget with you and what we think we can achieve for that, based on our experience and the style of home you envisage.


Then we move into the Design and Build phase, and start the building process.

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