How We Work

Epic Homes are an established award winning design and build company building across the Wellington region since 2004. During our consultations we capture your desires and requirements for your dream home, whilst being mindful of the budget you set. When you choose Epic Homes to build your home you become one of the Epic Team, using our online system Epic Live you are kept up to date during every step of the process with 24/7 worldwide access, enabling you to make real time choices and selections of the products and materials being used in the construction of your new home, no matter where in the world you might be. At Epic Homes we pride ourselves on our elegant innovation and are first to embrace new technologies for smarter, healthier homes. Building with Epic Homes is all about your choice.

Listed below are the typical stages of the building process we follow which generally takes between 10 to 12 months from our initial meeting to completion.

Stage 1 – Consultation

We meet with you and discuss your requirements and budget. We also assess your section and discuss the style of building that will suit the topography of the site. If you don’t have a section to build on we can help you find one. Once you decide to move forward you then pay an initial deposit of $1500 to draw up scheme plans. Once you are happy with the scheme plans a further $1500 will enable us to draw elevations and pricing plans so that we can give you a detailed specification and price. We can also help with finance referrals if required.

Stage 2 – Architectural Design – One to Two months

We work with our chosen architects, Design Network, to create your dream home. Concept drawings are provided initially and then we work with you to refine these through to detailed plans with our on-line tool Epic Live.

Once you have signed off on your new home plans we then provide you with a fixed price quote and a Master Builders contract within 3 weeks. We are also happy to work with your own architect and existing drawings.

Stage 3 – Consent Application – 20 Working Days

We manage the consent process for you and supply the local authority with detailed drawings and resource consent requirements (if required). It generally takes 20 working days from lodging the application with the local authority for consent to be issued.

Stage 4 – Construction – Six months

Once consent is granted we can start building your dream home. The complexity of the location and house design dictates the duration of build time. On average a new home takes six months once consent has been granted until move in day.

Stage 5 – Key handover and move in

Once your home is built we provide you with the Code of Compliance from the local authority. We hand over your keys and you can move into your new home.

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