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At Epic Homes we work in partnership with you and our architect to design your beautiful new home. Ultimately, we want it to be hassle free therefore we manage the whole process from the initial site visit, concepts plans, to completing the build.


From the design stage where we capture and refine your requirements, through to the onsite meetings, council liaison and finishing stages we keep you informed along the way through our Epic Live system, ensuring you have the aesthetic and outcome that you desired from inception.


We begin the process by completing Floor & Concept plans followed by elevation and pricing plans. 


    • Meet with you and discuss how many bedrooms, garage, bathrooms, ensuite, scullery and anything else you wish to include and, most importantly, your budget.
    • Budget is very important, as we don’t want to design something that is not within budget. We will discuss your budget with you and what we think we can achieve for that, based on our experience and the style of home you envisage. Once we have understood your requirements, we then prepare a design brief for the architect.

    * Fees may apply for this stage.


    • Once the floor plans are completed to your satisfaction, we then progress onto elevation plans.
    • We will discuss your preferences for the style of home you like, your preferred claddings, roof type, windows and doors and their positioning, outdoor living and access, and the overall look you are wanting to achieve.
    • When the floor plans and elevations are to your satisfaction, we add some technical details to the plans which allow us to accurately quote the plans. These plans are then sent to our suppliers for them to quote. All our plans are priced individually which means the most competitive price available.

    * Fees may apply for this stage.


Once we have received all supplier quotations for your home, we will collate all the figures into our Epic Live system.

  • We will arrange to meet with you to present our price and the inclusions, and detailed product specification.
  • There may be things you want to remove or add to the specification that may alter the price. Once we have an agreement on the specifications, plans and pricing, we prepare contract documents.

* Fees may apply for this stage


Once we have received all supplier quotations for your home, we will collate all the figures into our Epic Live system.


  • Epic are part of the Master Builder Association, and we use the Registered Master Builder Contract as part of our contract documents. 
  • These are critical to the building of your new home as it outlines the conditions under which we enter into an agreement. We recommend you engage a lawyer to look over the documents (prior to signing).
  • These are usually supplied in digital format for initial consultation with your lawyer and bank. We will produce a hardcopy for signing.


  • Once you and your lawyer (and bank if applicable) are satisfied with the contract documents, plans and specifications, and it is signed, it becomes unconditional.
  • At this point you will need to pay a deposit which is normally 5% of the total contract price. Once the deposit is received, our architect will start preparing the final working drawings and the Building Consent application.
  • This normally takes around 3-4 months from the time the contract becomes unconditional.
  • Depending on the council, the consent itself can take 20 working days from the time it is submitted.
  • Sometimes council will request further information (known as an RFI) which can extend the timeframe somewhat, Epic handles all of this as quickly as possible to keep the process moving.

Now the real fun begins… we build your dream home! You’ll be there every step of the way and upon completion, we will work with council to ensure compliance.


  • Once Building Consent documents have been approved, we aim to start work on site within 6-8 weeks of the consent being issued.
  • We communicate with you throughout the whole build, and plan site visits for you to walk through and see the updates happening on site.

Practical Completion/Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)

  • Epic works with the council throughout the whole build, booking in and working through inspections as required, and completing all works needed to pass inspections. 
  • Once we have the final inspection passed, we will notify you and this is when we lodge all documentation for the Code of Compliance Certificate application (known as CCC).

Once CCC has been issued, and all payments have been made we will arrange a handover date with you. 


  • We take you through the property and show you all key product features, where the toby is located, mains switch board, roof access and how everything works, including all product guarantee and instruction pamphlets.


  • Epic has a warranty period of 12 months from the Handover date of any product supplied by Epic. 
  • Using our Epic Live system you can log any warranty issues, and we will get in touch with you to resolve them.
  • Being a member of the Master Builders Association, there is also a 10 year warranty on any materials and workmanship on the property, giving you peace of mind. Again, Epic manages all correspondence and the guarantee forms, and provides all documentation to you via our Epic Live app.

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